GMT Corporation is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals.

We produce a range of high density, high melt point oxidized polyethylene waxes which find applications in a wide variety of industries, such as floor polish, OPV, PVC, ink and coatings.

We also produce some specialty chemicals for oil refinery and petrochemical plants, and oxidized polypropylene waxes are in the process of commercialization.








GMT-1800 Series of High Density Oxidized Polyethylene Waxes

Grade : GMT-1807, GMT-1816, GMT-1816F, GMT-1825, GMT-1830
The GMT-1800 Series is a range of high density, high melt point oxidized polyethylene waxes developed by GMT Corporation of Korea.  The GMT-1800 Series finds application in a wide variety of chemical industries such as emulsion, polish, coating and PVC processing.  In emulsions, the GMT-1800 Series imparts improved scuff resistance, durability and gloss to the dried films, and shorter emulsion time is observed for these products compared with competitive materials.  In PVC processings, the GMT-1816 works well as a processing aid.


















                               + Emulsion for
                                    - Polish
                                    - OPV
                                    - Textile
                                    - Release












GMT-1816 / GMT-1816F

+ PVC Processing








 Hardness of the GMT waxes




 Harder ∞!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!≧ Softer




              GMT-1816     >     GMT-1825     |     GMT-1830








  - Catalog





            Typical Properties of GMT-1800 Series





            Specification of GMT-1800 Series





  - Emulsion Procedure




            Emulsion Procedure of GMT-1830





            Emulsion Procedure of GMT-1825





            Emulsion Procedure of GMT-1816 / GMT-1816F




  - Material Safety Data Sheet




            Material Safety Data Sheet of the GMT waxes





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